Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Labor Day....

Yeah, it's a long way off yet.

Stopped down to see The Thin Man after work today and picked up a new set of red HUDZ for the C50. Sweet! They weren't all that difficult to put on. Brent said I'd have to tug hard to get the old ones off and he was right. The second was easier than the first. The new ones slipped right on.... Pictures soon. Thanks, Brent!

I mentioned to The Thin Man that G-Ted had said that Team Stoopid needs to get together again this year and do another race together. That's the allusion to Labor Day at the top of this post. He said "duh". 24 hours of 7 Oaks. Labor Day weekend. Defending our title. The Thin Man is in. Brother of Jackal is in. G-Ted?

Personally, I thought the course was brootal. Especially on rigid singlespeeds. I crashed twice. Thought I'd died and gone to hell. I swear that there was about 10,000 feet of climbing with a couple of near vertical decents and no flat areas on that 7 mile course.

So, Labor Day 2008. Rigid singles. Team Stoopid. More Guinness this year. Smaller front chainring. Platform pedals. Another midnight ride on the chairlift. A new tee shirt. Whaddya think, G-Ted? Are you all about it?

When I left the shop Royce was painting the walls with a 2" brush. I told Brent he should get him a bigger one. Brent looked at me like I was crazy and said "why"? Royce asked if he could use a roller. The Thin Man said "no".

It's going to look good when it's done.... :)

OK. That's it for now.

Ride safe.

Peace out, yo!


Blogger Chris said...

I look forward to reading more about Team Stoopid in the months to come.

8:28 PM  
Blogger Guitar Ted said...

Blue: Are you kidding! Absolutely....I am building up the rig of doom for it as we speak. It's black though, so I'll be needing some white Team Stoopid decals for it. Can ya fix me up, brudda?

You know, a 29"er woulda helped with the crashing stuff. Heh heh! Just a hint there!

9:39 PM  
Blogger bluecolnago said...


it appears that "team stoopid" is alive and well. :) sounds like there may be a few more adventures left in us.... when we left boone last year i had the impression that i'd had a good time with good friends but, well, i'd done it and that was enough. {(read: never again) not on a singlespeed, anyway} after the response i've received frm the guys, well, they are stoopider than i thought. i guess i am too cause their attitude is infectious and i'm ready to do it again.


i still have some white background decals with black text. i'll have some more of the others made. perhaps some of the cut vinyl ones with no background? i can do that!

paying more attention to what i was doing would have helped with the crashing, too.... the only 29er i've ever ridden was the raleigh from the shop. i liked it just fine, even considering that it wasn't adjusted for me. you have to uderstand that i'm a bit slow catching on to "new" things. i definitely tink that they are here to stay and ilike the white c-dale that you guys had at the shop. judy would kill me at this point if i brought home another bike, so i suspect it's not in the near future for me. with my short little legs i'd have a small frame and big wheels. kinda like a clown in the circus.... :)

12:08 AM  
Blogger bluecolnago said...

damn! i need to spellcheck, eh?

6:43 AM  
Blogger Pete Basso said...

Labor Day, man at -13 that seems like a lifetime away. I'm ready for spring!!

7:19 PM  
Blogger bluecolnago said...


me too. it was -23 when i left for work this morning. we set a record of -28 at the airport this morning. it's about a mile from where i work. geeeeeezzzzzz.....

9:27 PM  

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