Saturday, August 18, 2007

The street in front of my house....

They are lowering my section about a foot
Yeah. My driveway
My yard and drive
Looking west on Rainbow
This is beginning to be a pain in the ass. They closed our street about the 4th of April. They didn't start any work on it until the first of May. They said that the entire one mile section between Greenhill Road in Waterloo and the Cedar Falls city limits would be done by November. They have just recently completed the first section. 1 1/2 blocks. It's pathetic. They are putting in new water mains, storm sewer, and curb and gutter. They closed off the 1 1/2 block section directly in front of my house a couple days ago. How much ya' wanna bet that they don't finish it this year? I'd bet that there hasn't been more than 3 weeks worth of work done all summer. The weather has been good for construction. Until today. Today it's raining. Sweet. They hired the biggest asphalt contractor n the area as the general contractor. The subs have been working but no one else. I would hope that a fire could be started beneath their collective asses and get something going. Oh well. At least there isn't any traffic other than the lazy idiots who can't read the Road Closed signs. It's all good!
Team Stoopid meeting at the secret location at 2 today. It should be good!
Ride safe.
Peace out, yo!


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