Monday, November 26, 2007

More Jingle Cross....

Awesome racing! Todd Wells won both races this weekend with Chris Horner taking second in both. Watching Todd ride the "run up" on Sunday was sweet! Tons of crowd support. Cross racing as it should be! Sydney Brown took 4th on Saturday and 3rd on Sunday. She's a machine! Smooth!

Congrats to the Bike Tech crew on their finishes! Kat won her division on Saturday. Woohoo! John and Landon diced it out and had great finishes in the Master's Division. :)

Jackal suffered a wicked first lap crash on Sunday but got back in it from DFL and about 30 seconds down to catch up with the field and finish 58th of 110! Good job! He's a hurting unit this morning, but will survive. He's more worried about the damage to the Colnago. It can be fixed!!!!! Don't lose sleep over it!

More later.

Ride safe.

Peace out, yo!


Blogger Chris said...

Tell Jackal to rub some dirt on it. He will be fine. I would be more worried about the Colnago if I were him too.

9:34 PM  
Blogger bluecolnago said...


i'll tell him! you could just surf on over and tell him yourself. i'm sure he'd be happy to have someone else in his corner! :)

9:37 PM  

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