Wednesday, November 05, 2008

So, there I was....

Truck on bike path....
Not snow. Rain....
Anyway, as I was saying.... I waited for it to quit raining this morning before taking off on the CX bike for a ride through the parks. I got into the woods by the yard waste dump in Cedar Falls and was scootin' pretty good around the corner when I came upon the dump truck. It appeared that they were just cruising the bike paths but I'm sure they were doing something a bit more useful. I followed him for about a half mile before he moved over and let me by. I also saw the lady with the trail sweeper down by Krieg's Crossing as I was coming up through Wyth. Pretty sweet. Looks kinda like a dixon mower with a snow blower on the front. Except it has a big brush on it. She'd already made a pass through the entire park and was going back the other way to finish clearing leaves off the trail. Pretty sweet if you ask me.
I made my way around behind the Cattle Congress grounds, through Riverview, along the dike to East Lake, up through Wyth, and out to Big Woods Lake then out to Black Hawk before it started raining. I was at my turn around point. The end of the road in Black Hawk Park. I made my way to the picnic shelter by the rifle ranges and got inside before all hell broke loose. Man, it came down! Under the tin roof of the shelter it sounded like a firefight. Whoa! Then it was done. Just like that. I started to get on my bike to leave when it opened up again. Another 5 minutes of downpour and it quit again. Weird. It's the kind of weather you expect in the spring around here. Oh well. It was about 60 degrees and the roads were definitely wet. By the time I got home I was covered in water, mud, and leaf crumbs. (Is that a word? More of a description, I guess) Anyway, I was a mess. Brother of Jackal had stopped by for lunch so I got to chat with him for awhile. Hadn't seen him since the CX races on Sunday. He and Carlie had gone to Monona for a couple of days to attend the funeral of a friend who had been killed in a motorcycle accident last week. Sucks, eh? Anyway, they're back home now.
Snow in the forecast, along with much cooler temps. Vande Cross in Moline this weekend. It'll be fun. Woohoo! I predict mud and cold temps. :)
That's about it for now. Get out and ride!
Ride safe.
Peace out, yo!


Blogger KAT said...

Nice to see you made it back home with the leaf crumbies - now that is not a word - but seems to fit. Wanted to to congratulate you once again for State X - a job well done and it sure makes me/all of us proud to see you in the team colors! Looking good!
Come on out to the house if you can for the team meeting 6:00pm. Your input would be very welcome and valued.

I think Frozen Mud ruts for Vande Cross - I'm hoping to race - see you there if not before.


6:09 PM  
Blogger KAT said...

Oh yes, that would be Saturday - Nov 8th at 6:00pm for the meeting.

6:11 PM  
Blogger john said...

Mr Blue - It could b classic this weekend. Racing in the cold mud isn't so bad, but the hanging out, getting ready to race or watching the racing - now that takes some determination.
Hope to see you at Kat's

10:52 PM  
Blogger oldmanandhisbike said...

You are the weather-miester! Can't say I enjoy the rain, but maybe if I had a sweet CX bike like that.
A trail sweeper? Sound pretty snooty if you ask me. Do they have caddies carry your bike from the car to the trail and clean your cleats too? :^)
Getting out there today; should beat the rain by a couple hours.
Take care and have a great time at the Vande Cross!

6:20 AM  
Blogger Guitar Ted said...

Blue, I got caught in some rain up in Minneapolis too. Weird weather, to be sure, but it beats snow, and I hear that isn't far away.....

Have fun crossin' this weekend buddy!

8:06 AM  

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