Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Rant On....

We need to form a country someplace where all the athletes that want to do stupid shit can go to play and race. Football players, baseball players, cyclists, et al. Let them play with themselves. No media broadcasts outside of "their" country. Whatever. Hell, they could even have their own "hall of fame" for their "stars". That way the "real" halls of fame, the ones where true athleticism and good deeds are required for admission, wouldn't be tainted with 'roids and epo using blood doping "athletes".

On the other hand, the UCI could just tell WADA to get the F out and continue on their merry way. Or they could have 2 categories of winners.... Clean and unclean. Lot's of possibilities if the organizers are willing to "think outside the box". Those of us who believe that "our" athletes don't "dope" or use some form of chemical to enhance their performance are just naive. What difference does it make, anyway? Professional sports are nothing more than an entertainment package driven by marketing folk and promoters to get our dollars. The athletes get rich, the promoters get richer, and we foot the bill. Then we bitch when we get the product that we demand.

I think there used to be some honesty in sports, some integrity. Athletes competed purely for the love of the game, not for the money they could make. That's long gone, I fear. Now it's about the money. Nothing more. Nothing less. It's a job. The better you perform, the better your next contract. Lots of pressure to do well to make more money then more pressure to stay at the top. If you stay at the top, more of your sponsor's product gets sold and you make more money. And we wonder why they do what they do. All professional sports are corrupt. It's the norm. We make them that way.

If you don't cheat, you can't compete.

Did I mention that Rabobank dumped Michael Rasmussen today? For lying to the team about his wherabouts in June. He was on top of the world yesterday. Now he's in the gutter. Let that be a lesson. I'd like to think that Rabobank's motives were pure and honest but I suspect that it was an attempt to stave off a potential marketing nightmare in the days ahead.

Oh yeah. Christian Moreni of Team Cofidis tested positive today. He's gone. Cofidis is gone. Pulled out rather than being kicked out. I wonder if any teams will be left to finish Le Tour?

I hope Contador wins Le Tour. I do. Even though I'm not a Discovery fan. Never have been. Wasn't a Postal fan either. I do like Hincapie. I hope Contador wins.

I hope that this is all just a bad dream and we find out that the testing was flawed and no one was doping. Do you think that will happen? Hmmmmm.... Who's being naive now?

Rant off.

Tell me what you think, boys and girls..... Tell me what you think.

Ride safe!

Peace out, yo!


Blogger Chris said...

Amen Blue

7:41 PM  
Blogger Guitar Ted said...

Well, what can you say? I do believe it's got to be a money/power struggle. I do believe the cycling guys are getting framed to some extent. (Folks getting tested multiple times and all of a sudden show a positive? Hmmm...)

Other sports are getting more hollow by the minute. Basketball games fixed, steroids enhancing baseball records, football players being stoopid. Yada, yada, yada.

What's real anymore?

I'll tell you what, the pain you feel in the legs after a Tuseday night group ride, a sunburn from a long gravel grinder, and some buddies and beers afterwards. That's what's real.

Screw the rest of it.........

10:29 PM  
Blogger john said...

"I suspect that it was an attempt to stave off a potential marketing nightmare in the days ahead."
Exactly, where are neg. tests, due process and what about guilt by assication and hear-say. I think we are better than that.
We know nothing.

10:15 AM  

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