Wednesday, February 11, 2009


It was 54F when I left work at a quarter to 5 yesterday evening. 54F!!!! I got home and Judy asked if I was going for a walk. She was fixing supper and didn't want to start if I was going out. I said "sure, why not?", and changed my clothes and headed out the door. A quarter mile west of my house is Jackal's house. I looked across the street when I got there and The Queen of Cross was standing on the couch looking out the picture window at the world outside. When she saw me she started bouncing up and down and waving and apparently she was telling Jackal "Papa, Papa" and pointing out the window at me. Well.... I walked across the street to say "Hi" and asked Jackal if he had her stroller. He said that it was in Amy's car so we put The Queen's jacket and cap on her and Little Miss and I headed up the street on foot. She wanted to walk and she wanted to run. She never stopped talking. We were gone for probably 45 minutes or so and she wore me out! LOL. Well, not really, but we had some fun. She's an inquisitive little thing. She notices everything! Walnuts, acorns, pretty stones.... Anyway, I carried her on my shoulders for awhile and she apparently thought my head was a drum or some other percussion instrument that needed to be tapped on. It was good! We went up to River Hills and walked around the school building and she climbed on the playground equipment for a few minutes before we headed back. When we were back on the sidewalk along Rainbow she decided that she wanted to run again. All the way home. I kept thinking she was going to end up with a big scrape on her chin or something because I just knew she'd take a header, but she never did. She was happy to see her daddy and told him that we had a good run. LOL. It was too funny. I guess you'd have to have been there.

Anyway, cool air returns today. It is February, after all. Spring will eventually get here and the world will change again.

I was a bit surprised when I read the paper last night. I figured that surely Obama's speech of the night before would be on the front page. Much to my surprise, it was in section C. Hmmmmm.......

Fat Albert was sending me harassing emails last night asking about the new CX bike. I think he was calling me names for not finishing it yet and for not posting pictures yet. Soon, Little Fat Buddy. Soon. I need to count the links of the chain on the blue bike so I can make the chain for the gold bike the proper length. I'm struggling with that since I have trouble counting beyond 10. :)

That's it for now.

Ride safe.

Peace out, yo!


Blogger Lily on the Road said...

Glad you so much a part of the Queens life, I think that is great!! Oh, and she is going to be a runner like her "auntie Lily"

on the behaving front, yes and no! LOL

7:39 AM  
Blogger Guitar Ted said...

Funny, I walked my son Jacob to Kindergarten today and he ran the entire four bloks to school. I say its Cabin Fever man!

So, since you are having trouble counting over ten, I would guess that Super Record is not in your future, eh? Maybe the marketing wonks at Campy should take note!

9:38 AM  
Blogger bluecolnago said...

she has me spoiled. :) i do think sh's gonna be a runner. cand a cyclocrosser. i just have a feeling.

i agree, cabin fever. and too much energy.
i have campy carbon 10 speed on the c50. definitely more gears than i need. 11 speed is a waste. i fail to see the point of it. marketing, pure and simple. i really think 9 is plenty. :)

4:35 PM  

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