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Floyd Landis....
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In the beginning I didn't want to believe that Floyd did it. Or that he would even consider doing it. Then I said "shame on you Floyd, for doing that". As the farce has played out I have come to the conclusion that whether or not he did it is irrelevant. The charges, the testing, and the media circus that they have caused give the entire situation an aura of extreme negative credibility.
The "B" samples came back today with "traces" of synthetic testosterone in them. The original sample from stage 17, the "A" sample, taken at the exact same time as the "B" sample, had "unnaturally elevated" levels of testosterone in it. Remember, there was no indication of anything out of the ordinary until Landis' stage 17 victory. All 7 "B" samples, taken at various stages of the race, now contain traces.....
Does anyone else find this to be just a little bit incredible? In my humble, uneducated opinion, the lab and the tests have "0" credibility. He was tested frequently throughout the Tour and there was never any indication of any banned substances in his system until after stage 17. Those would be the "A" samples. Now all of the "B" samples have "traces" of a "banned" substance. Somehow I got lost somewhere on this journey. I can't quite grasp this.... All of his tests were negative until after winning stage 17. The "B" samples are taken at the same time as the "A" samples. All of the "A" samples (excluding the stage 17 pee) were negative. All of the "B" samples are positive. Help me out here. I don't understand. How is this even possible? It defies logic. Are we so stupid that we'll believe, without question, anything that we're told?
Furthermore, representatives of the USADA (U.S. Anti Doping Agency. {They have an office right down the hall from the USFBAPTA, the U.S. Flowered Bra and Panty Testing Agency}) failed to show up for the testing which, by agreement, precluded Landis' expert from being able to observe the conducting of the tests. He was there but wasn't allowed to observe. The tests were performed anyway, without the scheduled outside observers.
It is my opinion that this is such an incredible fiasco that the only right thing to do now is to throw all of the testing and samples out the window and forget that any of this ever happened. The tests are, at this point, meaningless, as are the samples. Politics and sports are never, ever a good combination. Never. The lab that tested these samples should never even be allowed to test horse shit for hay.
Do you think this will stop the stupidity in the future? How many other careers have been ruined by this same type of ineptness? How many will be ruined? There is a pall of shame hanging over the governing body and they don't even realize it. Or even worse, they do realize it and don't care. The atheletes are just part of the show. They come and go and no one cares.
Did Floyd take drugs? Did he "dope" to enhance his performance and win the Tour? I don't know. At this point, I don't care. It's not what's important. It's the teams and the UCI that have turned on him and found him guilty prior to trial and in my mind that's shameful. It's unbelievable and sickening. My anger is not directed at Floyd. It's directed at the Ringmasters who are running this circus. The UCI is on a witch hunt. They are looking for examples to punish to make people believe that they are credible. They are not.
I hope that each and every competitor and potential competitor realizes that he could find himself in this same situation at any time.
Rant off.
Ride safe.
Peace out, yo!


Blogger Ari said...

If floyd in his mind knows that he is innocent, nothing else matters. I dont think he doped in the morning to win the stage. According to a pro I know he told me that floyd kept his body temp down to around 72-76 degrees by all the water he went thru. The other cyclists were overheating due to high temps., In any case the pro world administration has to be revamped if pro cycling is to survive. This crap does not attract sponsors or new people in the sport. I am glad no to have asthma on a daily basis and be able to ride.
be safe. Suvs are coming to get you!!!!!

8:22 PM  
Blogger Chris said...

Blue - I agree with you totally. It is a fiasco that you can only shake your head at.

However, to me it seems Floyd is being thrown under the bus by the USADA. They don't show up and sacrifice Floyd up in hopes that this will just all go away.

8:30 PM  
Blogger bryan said...


11:18 AM  
Blogger weak and feeble said...

Right on! I've been so frustrated with the whole situation (for me it started with Tyler)- doping sucks and the dopers should be thrown out but living in this country I've gotten used to the idea of innocent until proven guilty- and it's a concept I am in full aggreement with! I can't imagine being in a situation where at any time I'm forced to PROVE that I'm innocent in order to keep my job.

Ride on blue.



8:23 AM  
Blogger Guitar Ted said...

Blue:Excellent commentary! I whole heartedly agree. My feeling is that this stuff is a symptom of a much larger, much messier problem having to do with money, power, and egos. The racers are pawns and easily distract us from the "root" of this evil, which is slowly but surely using up it's grace with the public.

I for one have already turned my deaf ears and blind eyes towards the whole Pro racing scene, but as you, I do not do this because of the riders. It's the organizers, the promoters, and governing bodies that are to blame for ruining a beautiful sport.

5:29 PM  
Blogger bluecolnago said...

yup, it's about money, power, and ego. when the organizers clean up their act and realize that it's a sport first, a business second, the problems will start to go away. cycling is, like ted said, a beautiful sport. kinda like soccer and hockey. the "big wigs" are the ones ruining it and they have to be the ones to dig deep in their souls and remember that it's the athletes that make the sport happen. without the athletes, there is no tour.

7:32 AM  
Blogger Ari said...

As I posted on my blog I think we have to pay more attention to get the new riders out. Lets pay more attention to developing new Juniors. Us, that have been riding for a long time should devote more time to get kids out and teach them how to ride properly.
Baby Rhea is wanting some pedals under them little toes,
Blue, be safe

11:39 PM  
Blogger bluecolnago said...

you're right ari... on all counts.

yes, baby rhea wants a bike. i can see it in her eyes....

have a great friday!

peace out, yo!

6:29 AM  

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