Sunday, April 22, 2007


"Lookie! I can touch my toes!!...."
East Lake....
"Will this make it smell better....?"
Friday was my day off the bike and Saturday found me working at the plant in the morning and up at the scout camp helping Jackal get some trail maintenance done for his race in the afternoon. When I got there it was Jackal, Eduardo, Casey, and me raking some trails and moving some fallen trees. Sounds like they had a great crew up there in the morning too. (Jackal has some pics posted here...) A lot of work was done! I helped him and Moo up there again this morning then went to lunch with them and Adam and his family. It was good! I know that Casey was back up there this afternoon. The trails are in great shape and the May 6th race should be a good one!
I went riding the Surly this evening and got caught in a downpour about 2 miles from home. (on the way back) I needed a shower anyway.
Trans Iowa V.3 is next weekend as is the Iowa City Road Race on Saturday and the Old Capitol Criterium on Sunday. The Decorah Mountain Bike Time Trial is Sunday also. Wow! It'll be a busy weekend for racers in Iowa next Saturday and Sunday. Plenty of choices for those so inclined.
That's it for now.
Ride safe.
Peace out, yo!


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