Sunday, April 29, 2007


DIKE 5, with a tailwind....
Called Jackal this morning but he was already out riding so I took off in the opposite direction to maybe meet up with him. We must have passed each other near Hudson because we never saw each other.... He took the Ho Chi Minh trail north out of Hudson while I took the bike trail south into Hudson. Oh well....
It was 11 miles south to Hudson from the house with another 9 miles west on the Zaneta blacktop to the Dike blacktop. Winds were steady out of the sw at 20. Killer. An hour 45 to ride the 20 miles to the Dike blacktop then an hour 15 to ride the other 23 miles home. Pedaling downhill into the wind and doing 15 mph. It was a good workout! 20 to 25 on the trip north to Dike and beyond then east on 27th.
88 degrees outside right now. We went to lunch with Jackal and Moo and baby Rhea then came home and mowed the lawn and moved the crap that had fallen out of the trees during the winter to the other side of the creek. I need a trailer for the lawn tractor.
I need 22 more miles to hit 500 for April.... Trying to decide if I want to take the Surly out through the parks tonight or wait til tomorrow and ride to Hudson on the Colnago after work. There is a chance of thunderboomers tomorrow evening. What to do, what to do..... My butt is really hurting right now and the wind is still blowing like a banshee.
Congrats to Ira Ryan on his first place finish in Trans Iowa v.3. I believe his time was 25 hours even for the 320 mile "loop". The first singlespeed crossed the line exactly one hour later at 26 hours even. I'm sure that there will be pics and an update on G-Ted's blog tomorrow. For those who can't wait, try Karl's site.... I'll bet that G-Ted is a zombie right about now, driving back here from Decorah after being awake for something like a week.
Ah well.... That's it for now.
Ride safe.
Peace out, yo!


Blogger weak and feeble said...

Those winds sound nuts! Thanks for steeping in on the whole photo poaching issue- I guess the end result is beer will need to be purchased and consumed- so all's well that ends well!

Keep'm rollin'



6:27 PM  
Blogger Guitar Ted said...

Blue: 38 hours and counting......

No more pics or stories from me. I'm done.

A week of Trans Iowa mania is too much.

Time to move on.........:)

6:47 PM  
Blogger bluecolnago said...


i thought about using the "mental anguish" angle for your defense but figured that jj would be far too sharp for that. besides, you would have been scarred for life! sorry buddy, maybe next time. enjoy the beer!


you put on a helluva show! i know that all the racers appreciate what you do. get some sleep! gtdr is just around the corner!

peace out, yo!

8:54 PM  

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